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Quality New Homes

Not happy to settle for run of the mill, an Allclass Quality Constructions new home build is an experience and a sight to behold. Beginning with a detailed, fully itemised quote that we will spend all the time discussing every detail that you need until you feel completely comfortable that you fully understand its contents and any potential changes.

This is followed by an in-house, hand-held, concept to completion construction experience that will leave you feeling completely assured, engaged in the now and excited for the future. Due to our passionate specialisation in high end finishes, we have hand-picked a unique team of specialist tradesmen who have formed a unified team, creating a decade of quality work and with any luck at least another decade more.

Every construction project we touch is built on the premise of ‘made to last’. Our focus is to deliver the highest quality materials and finishes possible within your budget, understanding the executive nuances between investing more in important areas where it counts and balancing the books elsewhere where you can, delivering a spectacular end result.

Getting Started

The first steps along the new home build, renovation or extension journey are the trepidatious ones. You don’t want to make a wrong turn, get stuck with the wrong builder or have a negative experience just trying to work it all out. At Allclass Quality Constructions, we want to provide you with a complimentary, obligation free consultation where you can bring all your ideas, dreams and worries to the table without pressure or stress. Our first meet up goes like this:

  A detailed discussion around exactly what you want.

  A look at how these needs and dreams match to your budget.

  A review of what timelines are possible.

  Any questions or concerns you have.