Allclass Quality Constructions Renovations and Extensions Gold Coast

Renovations & Extensions

How do you turn the tide on a bathroom that isn’t only causing suffering from the lime green hue of 70s tiles, but somehow needs to accommodate a full-size family, the kids’ friends, interstate guests and a long-lost cousin here and there? It’s an art!

And the same can be said for kitchens, laundries, outdoor entertaining areas, bedrooms and storage debacles. With big wow factor on the line, we work meticulously throughout the Gold Coast to provide our clients with something transformative. Something that elevates not only their home, but also their lifestyle. Quality of life is intrinsically linked to where and how you live. Your home is your personal oasis within which you and your family should feel supported, relaxed and secure.

Whatever your home needs to bring you towards that level, we can find a way to utilise your budget to get it done. As Gold Coast renovation specialists, the quality of the work we provide to you, along with your complete satisfaction is our commitment, completed on time and within budget. To begin, we will spend a lot of time with you up front to gain a deep understanding of exactly what you need and want to achieve from your renovation or extension. We need to ensure that your budget meets your imagination and if not, determine what can be done to get as close to your dream result as possible with the funds you have.

Using all the information obtained from this initial consultation, we will create a highly detailed quote for your consideration, inclusive of a very clear outline of any costs that are provisional or excluded as part of a successful and enjoyable building process is dependent on no nasty surprises.

Getting Started

The first steps along the new home build, renovation or extension journey are the trepidatious ones. You don’t want to make a wrong turn, get stuck with the wrong builder or have a negative experience just trying to work it all out. At Allclass Quality Constructions, we want to provide you with a complimentary, obligation free consultation where you can bring all your ideas, dreams and worries to the table without pressure or stress. Our first meet up goes like this:

  A detailed discussion around exactly what you want.

  A look at how these needs and dreams match to your budget.

  A review of what timelines are possible.

  Any questions or concerns you have.